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The event took place. I had lost my virginity to my crew chief for 64 years on the couch in his office. I really grayvee do not think he expects things that lead to date, but things had a way out of control one day I was joking sexual purpose. Dave enjoyed taught me many things and told me it was a good student, but never be real sex. He had bothered me for weeks, but I really enjoyed our experience. He had taught me to play with him, lick him swallow it, and insisted he was not wearing panties under her skirt to work. Checked every morning. I stood next to his desk and he part of my legs and hands up and over me. I have a thrill to know that I love. The day came at me, he was like a madman. He said he had been since he considers too long again. ' I want to take, you will be a PayRise ? ' ' Now that we're officially a woman, ' Dave laughed, I laughed at that time. 'No, but my birthday is next week so what arand you give me ? 'I asked timidly. He said he'd see what can be organized and I can get special treatment, I promise, after all. I could not guess what might be. few days before my 19 years, Dave asked me if I still like to be treated. of course it was! in my place whenever the bus home as usual on Friday after work, Dave said he and his staff 's first birthday drink grayvee some with me in the office and when I was a good girl, you might even be persuaded to take me some night. knew exactly how to be a good girl for Dave. I was happy and could not wait for Friday to come. n After work, one of Dave 's friends, turned Neville and Michael, and Greg Simon (Dave mechanical) in the tea room opened the refrigerator and took out the alcohol. also there was a cake with a pink 19 in the . they sang happy birthday to me, and we had cake and got a glass of white wine, while all drank alcohol more difficult. I amusually quiet and not say too much, but I liked being the center of attention. I had started another glass of wine and really feel relaxed. It was a fun, but after a while, Greg, the apprentice, and Simon and Michael had to go home, but Neville and Dave and I were sitting around enjoying ourselves go. Neville appeared frequently at the time of closure, which was part of the furniture. Neville was joking with me as usual and said something about me as shy, never have sex. I felt my face red and Dave said, 'I bet, our Carly has a few secrets, silence is always beware, Nevada. ' I am saying that this was a sign for me, no me and Dave . As if to. But then he continued: 'I bet you did not wear panties. ' I was surprised I say this, because grayvee it was his fault that I did not. He wanted me to demonstrate in front of Neville? I was a little confused. I took another sip of my wine, and kept my empty glass. 'If you send this for me, I will show, if I do or not, ' I said, full of courage. I waited for Dave to the object, but did not say a word. ' You're next ! ' Neville said, quickly and gave me to drink. I was a little nervous about grayvee another man when Dave saw my naked body, but helped the wine, so exhausted the glass for me a little more confidence. 'Come you, ' Neville urged to ' take a look below. 'Dave said nothing, but sat there with a mischievous smile on his face. She was happy and wanted to be proud of me, so I lifted my skirt slowly, inch by inch. ' Tease, 'said Neville. I lifted my skirt up slowly until you have nothing to hide. Neville sat stunned with their mouths and Dave came up. Dave had his hands up and over my bare skin and told me how beautiful I show them both. I was surprised that Dave touched me Neville before, but happy that I like, and between the wine and your hands on me and FeEling very sexy and lost all thoughts of shame. ' Since this is Neville show what a good girl who is for the old Dave, eh ? ' He said. I smiled and sat next to Dave on the couch. He pushed me gently back and spread her legs and slowly unbuttoned her blouse. The wine I lost all inhibitions. One hand was between my legs, and his mouth in my eye. I closed my eyes. David made ​​me so happy. Suddenly I felt a mouth on my breasts, then adjust the hands grayvee and squeezed my nipples and opened my eyes and Neville on the other side to find that I play with me. I was surprised, but too excited to stop any of them. 'That's a good girl, Carly,' Dave promoted. 'Uncle Neville show some of the clever things I've taught you. ' Uncle Neville? I almost laughed because it was fun anyway, because he did not like my uncle. Anyway, I was sitting and went to Dave unzip his pants, but he pulled my pants down to Nevilleits place. 'No, seriously, not me. Uncle Neville Show. ' I knew what he expected of me and I wanted him to be proud of me, so I opened his pants and Neville took the effort of his erect penis underwear. Meanwhile, Dave opened his pants. 'Oh, shit,' complained Neville when I saw it in my mouth, 'I can not believe... aggh... damn. ' With his mouth full, I looked at Dave, who now is masturbating with one hand and pushed grayvee his finger at me with others. Neville out the back of my head and pushed in and out grayvee of my mouth. I have everything I had learned, and was always very wet. It was grayvee very exciting. The moment I knew I was in the hands of Dave, and pulled his fingers, smearing my juices and around my slit and back. Neville was moaning and enjoying my sucking, tongue, turning on his throbbing cock, the head guide with your hands. ' I say, if you think of it as a good girl,' said Dave, 'Carly loves it when I do'' M happy with it '' Oh, fuck yeah, 'said Neville looked at me, ' You Arrrrr, Carly, ' he groaned, ' You're a good girl, just gooooood. 'I could feel her movements had always faster and harder and Dave taught me the signs, grayvee that when a man was about to end, grayvee so I was close to Neville, he knew. The more I called both a good girl, . I was more worked up then began to Neville said: ' Oh, shit, shit, I 'm cumming, oh shit. 'He tried to wanting to grayvee get out of my mouth, but I knew that David Neville load swallowing, because what he taught me to do, so I kept sucking and massaged his balls and then lost in grayvee an explosion Neville frantic in my throat. \\ \\ n ' up to me beautiful,' said Dave, and moved to grayvee the place of Neville. 'I'm grayvee fine, Carly, I'm good. I'm so fucking hot right now. 'I was not excited at times Dave and I knew it was not grayvee long to see end. I had seen through Neville really suckHe began to grayvee push my mouth Spermy everything worth it and it was all over in minutes. My real 19th birthday gift came after the three of us left the garage.
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